Our 'Private Coaching Sessions' are intensive 2-hour one-on-one sessions aimed at helping individuals with:

  • An upcoming presentation, speech or talk that they would like professional guidance and support with.

  • Developing the 'written structure' of their content so that it 'flows' for them. Working through personal delivery techniques and methods that are practical and useful to them.

  • Identifying their 'Visual and Vocal' aspects of communications -- this will help the client get into their 'comfort zone' when delivering a speech/talk.

  • Paying attention to their unique style of delivery with in-depth and constructive feedback.

  • Help with calming nerves and fears and confidence building when speaking.

(Optional) - Filmed recording of client delivering their talk with playback for personal analysis and breakdown.

(Proven to be the most effective method of helping anyone get over their fears and nerves when speaking publicly.)

**The entire focus is on getting the client ready and fully prepared for their upcoming talk, speech or presentation.

Duration: Session lasts 2 hours

Location: Typically these sessions are held at our premises in City Centre, Dublin; however they can also be held at a venue of the client's choice.

Booking Information: If you would like to book a private session, please contact us:


Private Coaching Session