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January 2020
 4-Week Group Practice Sessions in Public Speaking
Wednesday Evenings
(Beginners & Intermediate Level)
All Welcome!
January 2020
Date:      January 8th
              January 15th
              January 22nd
              January 29th
Time:       6.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.
Venue:     Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Investment:        €199
Places:    Limited!

'Public Speaking'

Group Practice Sessions (Evening)

'Group Practice Sessions'

What they are:

Our workshops are open to anyone who would like to join a group of like-minded beginners in 'finding their feet' when speaking publicly while getting expert advice and feedback from a group facilitator.

Whether it is an upcoming speech, talk or presentation you have, this course will help you get the right amount of practice and preparation in before you have to do it. Or if you would just like to  get some help in  public speaking and begin to get over

your fears and nerves  around it, these sessions will help you greatly.

How they work:

We have multiple week Group Evening Sessions where you will get the practice of delivering different speeches and talks every week.

Each week will have its own theme and will be led by a facilitator who will give in-depth analysis and feedback to each participant individually.


'4  Week Group Practice Sessions'

(Multiple Evening)

These sessions are highly interactive with groups of people who come from different backgrounds but are all here for one purpose only - to improve their 'Public Speaking and Presenting' skills.


What we cover:


  • Introduction to Public Speaking (Getting the basics right)

  • Tips & Techniques to Deliver a Speech, Talk or Presentation with ease

  • Overcoming Nerves and Fears

  • Speaking with Confidence

  • Using your Body Language and Sound of Voice to speak calmer and more effectively

  • Engaging with Your Audience

  • Finding Your Own Style of Delivery

This course aims to give each participant a clearer and more focused picture of how they can easily stand up and speak in front of others when asked to.


Each person will find their own topic around the theme given each week where they will be shown how to deliver this for each session.

About our attendees:

All of the attendees on our courses and group sessions are there to help themselves overcome their fears and nerves when speaking publicly.

Our courses are held in a supportive and encouraging environment where there is a great mix within the group and those who attend are always extremely helpful to each other.

If you would like to sign up for one of the above courses - please email here: hello@publicspeaking.ie