Confident Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a common stress for most individuals– but it doesn’t have to be!


We understand the fears that people have when standing up in front of a group and speaking publicly; you are not alone.

The sweaty palms, quivering voice and increased heart rate are all common traits that people experience when asked to do this; however, you can overcome these and even get to the point of enjoying it! Yes, enjoy it!

It takes a bit of work, but once you make the commitment to face those fears, you are already half-way there.

About our courses:

Our courses are about 'YOU', the individual, and how YOU can overcome your nerves when you have to give a speech or talk.

We work on helping you find your own 'comfort zone' and your own natural style of delivery.

Whether you have an upcoming talk, a wedding speech, a simple presentation, or you just want to do this for your own personal development; we will help you gain more confidence in yourself and in your ability to deliver your next talk.

We teach our classes in a friendly and relaxed environment so that you feel comfortable in joining in and participating.

Remember, everyone else here is 'Just Like You', looking to improve themselves when standing up and speaking - so expect lots of encouragement and support!

Our goals:

• Help you understand the basics of public speaking
• Break down your barriers when speaking publicly
• Identify your own unique style of delivery and how to bring it out in talks/speeches
• Aid you in structuring your speech or presentation so that it 'flows' and 'feels natural' when delivering it
• Recognise your fears and how to overcome them
• Help you find your strengths in your 'visual and vocal' aspects of communication
• Show you what your audience expectations are and how you can 'win them over'
• Give you the key ingredients that will make your speech or presentation memorable
• Guide you step-by-step in how to improve your own personal speaking style
• Give objective, helpful analysis and useful feedback on what works best for YOU

**With our courses, you will learn more about your own speaking style than you could ever have imagined - ensuring you are on your way to…​

Speaking With Success!
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